Commonwealth taekwondo tournament

The commonwealth taekwondo tournament

The last tournament was held in Chennai,India.
You can get the best videos at this adress:
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The way of the warrior

How can we become a modern day warrior?
A warrior was trained in a disciplined manner.His mental training enable him to maintain his concentration level and his motivation for a long time.He can adapt very quickly to every situation and recognise a potentially dangerous situation.
We must devlop these attributes all along ouyur training.
We must be abble to adapt in our daily life and be alert.Our mind must be sharp.It means that when we walk on the streets we are conscious of the street,the person around us,the surrounding,the atmosphere.
We must be abble to evaluate the situation.
The same strategy can be applied in every day life:if you are a student you must be abble to concentrate on your study at every moment.

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the sport

taekwondo or more specifically the World taekwondo Federation taekwondo is very developped all over the world .It is now an olympic discipline.
But the true martial spirit has been negleted.Only the sport side is developped and I think this is very sad.
The martial art true spirit is to strengten the mind.By exercising and going beyond our limits we become more confident.A martial artist must apply this philosophy in all aspects of life.
A student must try his best in the studies and never give up.He must practice again and again and try to understand his failure.Then
he must do his homework and exercices again and again and be sure that the result will follow.
Everyone must try to excell in his field.

We must go beyond and limit and our comfort area.Our will power can do a lot.
Try to apply this philosophy in everyday life:
– a mother who want to lose some weight can do that following these advices.She must reduce every day her daily intake little by little and the results will follow.

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The way of the warrior

The martial artist train his body and his mind in order  to fight a potentially dangerous situation.We must be abble to search our limit and go beyond them.We must live according these principles and be a very disciplined person.
What is the discipline?
If we decide something then we must do that.

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The way of the warrior(2)

Most often people in nowadays practice martial arts for health or self defense.But we must be warrior everytime.We must develop our abilities to focus all the time.Martial artist must be in a highl degree of  awarness in every situation even if it is outside the competition mat or the training dojang.

It is this kind of attention that we must be able o develop.We must be in a meditation type of awarness  al the times.

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To be a  good fighter one must develop many abilities.

The main is the character:you must be like a warrior.The warrior does not show his fears and he can dominate them.The warrior in peace time prepares war.The taekwondo fighter must see study the technics of others people in order to win in a competition situation.During the tournament,the taekwondo player must follow the competitor and see how they fight.


The  warrior always wins with class.He does not cheat the others.

We must all behave like a modern time warrior.

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