the sport

taekwondo or more specifically the World taekwondo Federation taekwondo is very developped all over the world .It is now an olympic discipline.
But the true martial spirit has been negleted.Only the sport side is developped and I think this is very sad.
The martial art true spirit is to strengten the mind.By exercising and going beyond our limits we become more confident.A martial artist must apply this philosophy in all aspects of life.
A student must try his best in the studies and never give up.He must practice again and again and try to understand his failure.Then
he must do his homework and exercices again and again and be sure that the result will follow.
Everyone must try to excell in his field.

We must go beyond and limit and our comfort area.Our will power can do a lot.
Try to apply this philosophy in everyday life:
– a mother who want to lose some weight can do that following these advices.She must reduce every day her daily intake little by little and the results will follow.

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3 Responses to the sport

  1. Wilfred says:

    Thanks for your comment. I like your info too. I have posted other material if you’d like to check it out. I just haven’t really put in the time to keep it up to date like I would like to. Hope you enjoy my articles.

  2. ABDUL says:

    u may have a point…. i don’t really understand what u mean by martial arts spirit… cuz i see it that all that entails in martial arts principle is also applied in the competitive aspect except for the restriction of some techniques. Beside, taekwondo have disciplines; like Kyorugi (sparring), Poomsae (forms), Honshinul (self defense) and Kyokpa (breaking). u can discover that those techniques that seem neglected are being practiced in poomsae or honshinsul.

    And i believe many students went thru these to be able to achieve whatever level they find themselves which is what build their foundation in martial arts……

    However, like i said earlier, the disciplines in taekwondo are also area of specialization, it now depends on individual to choose from any of those and dwell on it.

    so sir, i use to have the same thot having been a descendant of masters of that school of thought…. but when i come to think of it i realized that what i thought was neglected is actively in practice.

    beside this is just my opinion on the matter.

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