the stretching method

To kick efficiently and without injuries you must be abble to strectch.

The best way to stretch according me is to warm the body first by running slowly durinf 15 minutes.Then you can strech slowly the whole body using the yogic method.You hold a position during some time and breathing slowly.You must concentrate on  the muscle you want to stretch and you must relax mentally.

This is the best way to stretch.

Many methods of stretching are sold in the business and according me the best is”stretching scientifically”.

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This art is well developped all over the world  now and you can get a lot of benefit from it.As I have mentionned in the earlier post,the body will be more reactive and the mental will be more focused.

This is according me the main benefit.You can get the same things practising other sports activities.

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Taekwondo is a korean type of karate and I have practice during many years.I will try to to answer all querries regarding this art.

I started this art when I was in the college in France and this during many years.This art is  very good for the stretching of the muscles but also for the mental shrapness.
This is really an art because its movements are gracious.
It give me strenght and stamina.It also give discipline to all the practitioners.The body become more supples and you can practiv=ce this art everywhere.You do not need special equipement like for cricket.A simple pitch or the roof of your house is ok for practice.The belt system is not very important.

I encourage everybody to practice this art which is  now an olymic discipline.

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